"This is something I've sought for years and I'm glad to have it"

- Andy, CA

"...I am excited about finally getting a device I can use to read a book in my hot tub."

- Carol, WY

"Thanks for such a great product!"

- Peter, FL

"I can't wait to use it!! I'm sick and tired of walking around holding my book up or propping it on the edge of the pool."

- Amy, MO

"We just love our new AquaReader! It is so nice to relax in our hot tub and read"

- Ann, CA

"It's awesome! I love it! Exactly what I was looking for!"

- Kim, Canada

"....my husband and I are fighting over who get to use it!"

- Chris and Peter, WI

"I used it in the bathtub the first night I got it. It worked perfectly."

- Arlene, FL

"I dearly love this product. It was obviously created by someone who reads aquatically, because it performs perfectly."

- Sandra, KY

"We already have two and we think they are great!"

- Marrianne, UK

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The AquaReader Caddy is a state-of-the-art floating entertainment platform designed to maximize ergonomic comfort and convenience to enjoy books, magazines, and tablet computers in the bath, pool, or hot tub.  While onboard, material and devices rest against a customize 60 degree angled backboard with shelf large enough to accommodate most magazines, tablets, and book sizes.  The angle is optimal for viewing while lounging and sitting positions.  The backboard also possesses a carry handle for ease of transporting the 1.2lb AquaReader from place to place. 

Buoyancy is provided by an inflatable base that accommodates resting hands onboard simultaneously with book and/or tablet computers.  With dry hands aboard and arms resting at ones side an ergonomic positon is achieved that no other device can match.  And if you decide to disembark, no worries, the AquaReader will free float unattended.  

Accessories and Configurations
The AquaReader caddy comes with two innovative retainers, one for both books and another for tablet computers.  The retainers fully secure respective objects on board to prevent accidental submersion.  When reading magazines or other newsprint materials that don’t required them retainers can be conveniently stored on the reverse side of the backboard.  Matching book lights are offered that illuminate books and magazines with task light perfect for a candle lit bath or a moonlight soak in the outdoor hot tub or pool.

Note: Common fridge/freezer bags or commercial covers can splash proof electronics for complete security from water intrusion.

AquaReader can be stored inside or out.  All parts of the AquaReader Bath Pool and Hot Tub Caddy are made from water, UV, and chemically resistant plastics.  Spending summer afloat in the pool awaiting you and your family’s next leisure time is encouraged. 

Some assembly required.

Starting at $39.95

30-day Money Back Guarantee