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Patent No. 6,547,202

"This is something I've sought for years and I'm glad to have it"

- Andy, CA

"...I am excited about finally getting a device I can use to read a book in my hot tub."

- Carol, WY

"Thanks for such a great product!"

- Peter, FL

"I can't wait to use it!! I'm sick and tired of walking around holding my book up or propping it on the edge of the pool."

- Amy, MO

"We just love our new AquaReader! It is so nice to relax in our hot tub and read"

- Ann, CA

"It's awesome! I love it! Exactly what I was looking for!"

- Kim, Canada

" husband and I are fighting over who get to use it!"

- Chris and Peter, WI

"I used it in the bathtub the first night I got it. It worked perfectly."

- Arlene, FL

"I dearly love this product. It was obviously created by someone who reads aquatically, because it performs perfectly."

- Sandra, KY

"We already have two and we think they are great!"

- Marrianne, UK

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Enriching lives... one soak at a time.

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AquaReader Bath Pool And Hot Tub Reading Caddy

Ever try reading while relaxing in the pool, bath, or hot tub?  It's the perfect time for it, but holding reading material while lounging in water is cumbersome and impractical. That’s why we invented the AquaReader Bath Pool and Hot Tub Caddy!  The only reading aid for bathers, pool and hot tub users of its kind. 

Envision a quiet candle lit bath, a book floating in easy view illuminated with only a book light.  No stress on hands or arms, just the essence of the moment.  Or a tablet pc floating effortlessly in the hot tub or pool to watch TV, read news, or check email. AquaReader even serves well sitting in the lap of floating pool chair users under afternoon sun or at night.   And if you doze, no worries, your book or tablet will float unattended safely and securely. It’s the perfect accessory for families large and small, from the oldest to the youngest.  With AquaReader Bath Pool and Hot Tub Caddy the possibilities are endless and leisure time will never be the same.

AquaReader’s ergonomic arrangement enables effortless control and utility.  Hands can rest onboard where they stay dry while arms remain relaxed and unencumbered.  Turning pages and touch screen operation is no different than if either were sitting in your lap or on a table.  Buoyancy and shelf size is friendly to most common tablet pc and book sizes plus both can be secured onboard to prevent water damage. Further, our carry handle and super lightweight design makes transport near effortless with or without material secured onboard.  And since its made water and UV resistant your AquaReader can remain outdoors in a pool or hot tub indefinitely.